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How to stay focused on a 12 hour night shift

Reading Time: 2 minutes Provision of 24 hour nursing care inevitably involves shift work and flexible working, including long days or 12 hour shifts (Newy and Hood 2004, Lorenz 2008 ) Many hospitals in the UK that I have worked in have changed shifts patterns from the traditional 8 hours to 12 hours over the past few years. This was unheard of when I started my nursing journey over 30 years ago. The 12 hours shift patterns enables Ward managers to plan the staffing rota in a more cost effective and easier way as there is just 2 shifts in 24 hours.  Rotas can

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Nursing and Midwifery Council announces a new online system for Overseas applicants

Reading Time: 4 minutes From 7th October 2019, nurses and midwives applying to join the Nursing and Midwifery Council register from overseas will find the process quicker and more accessible than ever before.  Applicants are now able to apply through an online system rather than paper, therefore speeding up the application process.  They can track their progress through their personal account. Very important improvements include streamlined requirements to confirm a candidate’s competence.  The NMC will confirm if they hold the qualifications that would lead to registration in their home country.  The pre-application checklist tool on NMC website is a great way of checking eligibility

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