Some insight into the Role of a Clinical Research Nurse (An Oversight)

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Research is one of the top priorities in the N.H.S hospitals

The purpose of clinical research is to improve people’s health through research.

Patients are getting access to new medicines and other treatments because these have gone through strictly managed clinical trials. Clinical research nursing is caring for patients in a different way and it is exciting to be part of new developments in healthcare.

Are you interested and have the commitment and enthusiasm and want to explore or be involved in other areas of nursing apart from bedside?

Think clinical research nursing as an option. If you have a Degree in nursing or working towards, is a good starting point.

Clinical research is governed by regulatory requirements, strict guidelines and protocols, primarily to ensure safety and welfare of research participants and to make sure data collected is accurate, credible and reliable. You therefore need to be thorough and pay attention to detail. The clinical research nurse works within the multidisciplinary team. Provides care for patients taking part in research, assist in the setup, implementation and progress of research studies.

Perform clinical procedures as per protocol. Liaise with investigators, sponsor companies and all personnel involved in the research studies. Assist recruitment to research studies in a safe and timely manner.

Manage appointments for study visits as needed.

Ensure the highest standards of data collection with commitment to patient safety and welfare.

Complete case report forms

Manage some research studies as appropriate

The knowledge gained in this area of nursing is applicable in many other career opportunities, the choice is yours.


Guest Author

Josephine Awudza

Retired Clinical Research Nurse

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